New Developments in Disability Law

Report discussing trends of women receiving Social Security Disability benefits

Today, we have another Social Security related article for you. This time, a very detailed and informative piece from Kathy Ruffing, of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, discussing the rising role of women in Social Security disability benefits.

Women and Disability Insurance: Five Facts You Should Know

(hat tip to our own Terisa Page, as usual, for pointing out this article!)

Problems with underfunded operations at SSA

SSA’s Office of Inspector General issued a report recently discussing problems with how Social Security processes claims for retirement benefits by widows and widowers. (Link to the OIG report here).

That report, and some other SSA-related issues, are discussed in this recent article by Philip Moeller at “Watchdog reports reveal problems at the strained, underfunded Social Security Administration.


Mortgage/Foreclosure Assistance

Today, we have some links to some resources that are not specific to the disabled, but are definitely relevant to that population. These resources can help your clients save their homes!

Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative, which uses TARP money to fund several programs, including mortgage payment assistance, loan preservation advice, and loan refinancing assistance.

Oregon DOJ’s Consumer Protection Division has its own list of mortgage-related resources, as well (link).

And finally, there is similar help available for Washington clients, through the Washington State Attorney General (link).

I know my staff gives this kind of information out to clients frequently, so keep it handy!

Social Security: getting approved, and working after approval

Today we’ve got articles for you on a couple of related topics.

First, an article discussing a new study of how healthcare utilization impacts SSA disability outcomes. (Link), from Medical Xpress.

Of course, disability is not an absolute, and many people entitled to Social Security disability benefits do still work. What then? Social Security and You: Working while receiving disability benefits, from

Potential Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act

Today we have a few articles for you, all related to the Bill working its way through Congress proposing changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act. So far, this Bill has passed the House and has been received by the Senate, but not acted on there yet. You can follow its progress on Congress’s website (link).

Other articles discussing the bill are linked to below.

Congress Weighs Changes to ADA, from

House passes changes to Americans with Disabilities Act over activists’ objections, from The Washington Post.

House votes to add requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits, from The Hill.

Myths and Truths about the ADA Education and Reform Act, from the ACLU.

(Thanks to Executive Committee members Terisa Page and Juhi Aggarwal for this info!)

Medicaid Work Requirements Being Challenged

Today we’ve got a couple of links for you on this emerging topic. First, an article on a lawsuit filed challenging new legislation that would impose work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries:

Lawsuit seeks to stop Medicaid work requirements

Also, for those interested in reading the complaint in this lawsuit itself, we’ve also got that link for you:

Southern Poverty Law Center complaint

(thanks to Terisa Page Gault and Marcia Ohlemiller for the info in this post)