COVID-19 Related Resources

  • Guide for and by individuals with disabilities: Guide
  • A list of resources organized by topic of concern (ie: Mental Health, Alzheimer’s, LGBTQ+, Family Caregivers, and many more): Resource List
  • Oregon tenant rights during COVID-19: Info Sheet
  • Multnomah County has a list of resources/information specific to older adults and individuals with disabilities, as well as a general resource list, which includes food, housing, financial support, mental health, and other resources:
  • Disability Rights Oregon has a list of resources that includes additional education, employment and other resources and has created a COVID-19 Know Your Rights Page:
  • OHSU has a list of resources, with many resources related to the rights of individuals with disabilities, as well as resources for food and other needs: Resource List
  • Resources for families with children with disabilities: Family Resource List